North Carolina's Best Kept Secret

A Bright Leaf Hot Dog is one of the most unique, delicious foods you'll ever eat and can only be found in grocery stores and grills throughout North Carolina. 

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What makes Bright Leaf Hot Dogs such a unique eating experience?

Bright Leaf Hot Dogs and Cheerwine


Bright Leaf Hot Dogs are red, and down east, we prefer red ones and refuse to eat brown hot dogs. This might seem odd for people not from the south, but that's how it is, especially in Johnston County, North Carolina, where the famous Bright Leaf Hot Dog was born. This video will show you how strongly Bright Leaf fans feel about only eating and serving red hot dogs to their family, friends, and neighbors.


What else makes Bright Leaf Hot Dogs a must-eat when you come visit or move to North Carolina? Unlike most hot dogs Bright Leaf Hot Dogs are...

  1. Made & Delivered Fresh: made fresh at our plant, distributed and sitting on grocery store shelves all within three days, and only lasts 21 days.
  2. In a Bag: traditionally packaged in a loose bag, but we also provide this fresh made iconic hot dog in a vacuum package inside a loose bag to areas outside of our core market.  If you can only find the vacuum in the bag, don't worry...just take it home, open the vacuum and let it sit in the bag a few hours to a day or so to get that same great flavor as the loose bag. 
  3. Support Local: we work with as many North Carolina farmers and suppliers as we can to make our Bright Leaf Hot Dogs and other Bright Leaf products.
  4. Got to Be NC: you'll only find us in local grocery stores, independents and grills in North Carolina, but we ship nationwide!

Want to try a Bright Leaf Hot Dog or two? Find the nearest store to you.


Enjoy Bright Leaf Together!

Bright Leaf fans can be found all over the United States. Whether they still live in our home state of North Carolina or not. We love hearing their stories but we also love seeing them! You can share the love and find fellow Bright Leaf fans on Instagram by using #brightleafhotdogs.


 Want to learn more about Bright Leaf Hot Dogs? Please feel free to contact us!

Come and visit

2999 S Brightleaf Blvd.

Smithfield, NC

Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 4:30pm

Saturday, Closed

Sunday, Closed

Phone: 1-800-682-7675


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