Franks for Thanks: Hot Dogs & Hope for the Community

Hot Dogs for Hospital Workers Johnston County

Nurses, other healthcare professionals, nursing homes, and restaurants need our help more now than ever.

Even though this pandemic has been going on for a couple years, healthcare workers are still battling Covid daily, nursing homes are still working hard to prevent outbreaks, and restaurants are still struggling to survive.

That's where "Franks for Thanks" comes in. It's an initiative that thanks and supports healthcare workers, nursing homes, and local restaurants. Carolina Packers will buy meals from local restaurants and grills and then those purchased meals will be delivered to hospitals and nursing homes in the area.

We're hoping that this effort shows our appreciation and also gives the community the fuel they need to keep moving forward and know that we're all in this together. Please join us by following us on this journey as we provide hope through the meals shared with our community. Franks a lot!

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