The Bright Leaf Holiday Smokehouse Sampler (1-Smokehouse Franks, 1-Loop Smoked Sausage, 1-Bacon, 1-BBQ, 1-Center Cut Ham Slices

Bright Leaf Hotdogs

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Our Bright Leaf Holiday Smokehouse Sampler features our bag cooler filled with premium products right out of the smokehouse.

This gift selection includes the following items:

Bright Leaf Smokehouse Franks (1 lb) - the original Famous Bright Leaf Hot Dog made with pork and beef plus a hint of hardwood smokehouse flavor. (Smithfield, NC)

Bright Leaf Loop Smoked Sausage (12 oz) - a ground pork sausage in a natural casing, traditionally seasoned, fully cooked. Unlike many other smoked sausages, we use authentic hickory wood chips to give our smoked sausage that real wood flavor. It makes a delicious southern favorite for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. (Smithfield, NC)

Bright Leaf Hickory Smoked Bacon (12 oz) - an exceptionally great tasting and higher quality Bacon with no sugar and less sodium that doesn't shrivel up when you cook it. It's got a great flavor and cooks up great in the pan or baking in the oven. The microwave can also be used, but it's best in the oven or a frying pan. (Smithfield, NC)

Bright Leaf Hickory BBQ (15 oz cup) - hickory-smoked BBQ with a secret sauce (leans towards traditional eastern flavor with just a touch of sweetness) and is absolutely delicious! (Smithfield, NC)

Country Ham Slices (2 packs of 3 thick-cut slices) - these delicious country ham slices are carefully pre-sliced into boneless, ready to cook or fry portions. They make for a great biscuit and even better breakfast. They are best heated in a skillet until the fat around the edges turns brown. 


Free shipping to most states!

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