Bright Leaf Carolina Curemaster Whole Bone-In Cooked Country Ham

Bright Leaf Hotdogs

This is a WHOLE BONE IN COOKED COUNTRY HAM! LIMITED AVAILABILITY!   The product is approximately 15 lbs. It is fully cooked, and may be enjoyed hot or cold.

All cooked products should be refrigerated upon arrival.  USDA recommends pre-cooked hams be reheated to an internal temperature of 140°

Cooked Country Ham Products are vacuum sealed, fully cooked, and ready to eat. With the package still sealed, bring the ham to room temperature before serving. These products can be warmed if desired – 5 minutes per pound at 325o. MOST PEOPLE PREFER IT AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. To reduce saltiness, you might want to soak in water before heating or serving. Cooked Country Ham should be refrigerated upon arrival; it can be refrigerated up to 6 weeks or can be frozen up to 6 months. Proper carving (very thin slices) is important to the enjoyment of your Cooked Country Ham.