Bright Leaf Franks "Original Red Classic" (5 -1 lb Packages)

Bright Leaf Hotdogs

Are you looking for the original red hot dog of North Carolina? You've come to the right place! You can order five packs of North Carolina's famous Bright Leaf Hot Dogs and get them shipped to your doorstep. This frank is a true old-fashioned beef, and pork hot dog made the same way since 1941 when we started! There are 10 hot dogs in each pack, so with 5 packages, that’s 50 Bright Leaf Hot dogs!

We always strive to give you the freshest Bright Leaf Hot Dogs. You may receive a vacuum package inside the traditional bag or just hot dogs in a vacuum pack. Don't worry, it's the same exact hot dog made fresh every business day. The vacuum package will allow you to keep that same fresh-tasting Bright Leaf quality longer, especially if you decide to freeze some of your packages! If you only want our hot dogs in a bag, please let us know when ordering. Thank you!

Customer Reviews

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My favorite hot dogs from my childhood!!


I'm absolutely addicted to these they always come package nicely and
sealed tight and very fast delivery I only wish they were sold closer to me in Charlotte nc but I can't wait to reorder


I love these hotdogs if I had enough freezer space I would’ve bought the case of them. I sadly live in an apartment so space is limited. I grew up in Goldsboro, NC so I fondly remember getting these from a gas station with my dad and brother often. I also live in Indiana so I have to order them.


Still the same great taste from my childhood!!!!

James McKeel
Ordered hot dogs...Fast Shipping

Nothing like a brightleaf hotdog. Fast shipping!!