Bright Leaf Franks 10 LB Box

Bright Leaf Hotdogs



This is a 10lb box of the original Bright Leaf Franks made with fresh, local beef and pork and packed loose in a box. This is typically used in food service or a setting where you're cookin' for many folks!  We offer the typical 10 to the lb size (92-100 franks per box) and an 8 to the lb size (72-80 franks per box). The 8 to the lb is a fatter hot dog. We also offer the skinnier 13 to the LB size (120-130 franks per box).

10:1 or 8:1 or 13:1

Customer Reviews

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Pam Hofstadter
Best red hots and hotdogs ever!!!

I grew up in NC and only eat bright leaf hotdogs!! I live in TN now and always bring some home from vacation.....

The dest hotdogs

I love Bright Leaf Hotdogs 😋

Mike Mintz
A little NC in Florida

Living in Florida now, I always carry my big cooler when I drive back home to NC to see my son and my family, and order more if a trip isn't close coming. I was raised up on Brightleaf hotdog bags and a loaf of bread, when I stayed with my uncle and aunt, and cousins. I can still drift back to the days of childhood when my uncle would carry us boys with him to Cecil's store in Midway to pick up Brightleaf hot dogs and would get an extra bag so we could eat some on the way home. Best times of my life over 60 years ago and the best hotdogs. My box just arrived and I'm ready for the 4th of July with my Hot dogs, smoked sausage, chili and some baby back ribs, and the rest of the month.

David Barbour
Best hot dogs around

I was raised on bright leaf products and after 30 years I can now have sent to my door.

Brian k Taylor
Takes me back

Grew up eating this and it's still as good now as I remember. Nothing compares to Bright Leaf smoked sausage.