The Bright Leaf Holiday Carolina Curemaster Country Ham Sampler (2-CENTERS, 1- BISCUIT SLICE, 1-BISCUIT MIX)

Bright Leaf Hotdogs

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The aroma of this premium Bright Leaf Carolina Country Ham Sampler will give any home a festive heritage atmosphere and your holiday breakfast a delicious flavor, unique to the best of North Carolina country cured hams. Great with pancakes and eggs - perfect in a biscuit.

This gift selection includes the following items:

Atkinson's Biscuit Mix (2 lbs) If you love the taste of soft, fluffy homemade biscuits like Grandma used to cook, you need to try this biscuit mix. Your biscuits will bake up light and fluffy every time. (Selma, NC)

Country Ham Slices (2 packs of 3 thick-cut slices and 1 pack of thin biscuit cut slices) - these delicious country ham slices are carefully pre-sliced into boneless, ready to cook or fry portions. They make for a great biscuit and even better breakfast. They are best heated in a skillet until the fat around the edges turns brown.


Free shipping to most states!