Best Recipe Ever

Recipe Description: Fried Red Hot Deliciousness!


Iron Frying Pan…not skillet, we call them Frying Pans in Bright Leaf country.

Crisco cooking oil, but for the absolute best results use Lard!

Pack of Carolina Bright Leaf Red Hots!

Jar of French’s Mustard.

Loaf of Bread, preferably white bread.


Place the cooking Lard in the Cast Iron Frying Pan and heat the lard to a good frying temperature.  Put enough Lard/cooking oil in the pan so that the Red Hots are about half submerged.

Fry the Red Hots until they brown a little.  Do not overcook!

You may choose to split the Red Hots with a knife while they are frying.

Take the Red Hots out of the Frying Pan and let them cool slightly.

Serve on a platter with French’s Mustard available to spread over the Red Hots with a knife.  Have some White bread and sweet tea available to accompany the meal.

You might prefer to enjoy a Red Hot sandwich by liberally spreading the French’s mustard over two pieces of white bread stuffed with deliciously fried Bright Leaf Red Hots.


Um Um Good!