Since 1941 Carolina Packers has been producing a variety of great foods, including sausages, bologna, chili, Red Hots, and our famous Bright Leaf Red Hot Dogs. Our products have long been a favorite for folks in the central region of North Carolina and a growing customer base beyond. You’ll find our Bright Leaf brand available through food vendors and restaurants as well as local grocery stores and chains.

1lb red hot

Our Red Hots are another signature Bright Leaf product. Red Hots came by their name honestly. They are similar to our Bright Leaf Hot Dogs but with a little red pepper giving them a nice little kick. They are a great snack and party treat and a perfect fit to a biscuit, which has made them an eye-opening breakfast favorite for many folks. A blend of beef and pork, our red hots are available in a variety of packaging options. We also make our Bright Leaf red hots in a turkey formula with the same great Bright Leaf flavor at a reduced price This version is sold under the Carolina Ranch brand.

Product & Packaging


Retail Packages (beef and pork)
Item 316 16 oz bag 10 bags/case
Item 317 16 oz bag 5 bags/case
Item 332 32 oz bag 5 bags/case
Bulk Red Hots (beef and pork)
Item 305 5lbs 40 red hots/case
Item 310 10 lbs 80 red hots/case
Bulk Red Hots (turkey) Carolina Ranch Brand
Item 354 5 lbs 40 red hots/case
Item 350 10 lbs 80 red hots/case