Since 1941 Carolina Packers has been producing a variety of great foods, including sausages, bologna, chili, Red Hots, and our famous Bright Leaf Red Hot Dogs. Our products have long been a favorite for folks in the central region of North Carolina and a growing customer base beyond. You’ll find our Bright Leaf brand available through food vendors and restaurants as well as local grocery stores and chains.

Fresh Link Sausage image

This is a great breakfast sausage that is often overshadowed by our other great products. Our seasoning is very unique to us and is available in both hot and mild. It comes bulk so you can make your own patties or in large links and breakfast link sizes. We hope you will try this for breakfast with traditional grits and eggs and of course what could be better than pancakes and Bright Leaf sausage.



Product Information

Bulk Fresh Country-Style Sausage
Item 700 mild 5 lbs.
Item 710 bulk for making patties-mild 10 lbs.
Item 717 mild 10 lbs.
Item 718 hot 10 lbs.
Item 720 bulk for making patties-mild 10 lbs.