Sweet Bacon Smokies

Sweet Bacon Smokies

Submitted by: Deanna G


Carolina Packer's Sausages
Brown sugar


Pre heat your oven to 375
Spray a 9 inch square pan with non stick spray.

Take a measuring cup and melt a stick of butter inside (microwave) , once you get the butter melted, fill the cup that has the melted butter with brown sugar and heat 45 seconds.

Stir well!

Take the bacon and cut each slice into three sections, I usually do a stack at a time.
With each of the small sections of bacon cut, roll a sausage in each piece you cut. Line them in the pregreased pan, in rows. Once nicely laid and wrapped you drizzle the brown sugar and butter glaze mixture on top.  Sprinkle some extra brown sugar for taste, and bake for 35-45 minutes until golden brown.

These never last so we usually make 2/4 trays for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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